Why fireworks on the Fourth of July?

I’m a big fan of fireworks.  I love the lights, I love the sound, and I especially enjoy the aspect of explosions that come with it.  But there is also a risk that comes with it.  So, I recently been considered the value of this act.  What are the implications, values, and reasons We do fireworks?  I don’t think I have an argument, but I just wanted to write a short bit about what, why ,and why not fireworks are worth doing.

The Reason for fireworks: The holiday of July 4th is connected to the establishment of America as a country.  Ever since the Revolutionary war, they are used as a form of celebration.  Now, they are extensively connected to our country’s history, and it’s past.  So, we continue the tradition as it is today.

Value of fireworks:  The fireworks are a unique aspect of the 4th of July.  In fact, it is the defining point of this holiday.  So, the history is the big value.  It also creates a big show, and is a great visual way to express one’s joy over a certain subject. It’s fun, and is entertaining.  It can unite a family around a great show, and is a finale worthy of the establishment of a nation.

Cost:  We consistently hear horror stories of people’s hands being blown off, and of fires, and emergency room visits.  This injury ratio is because of a misuse of the tools.  Then we must consider the pollutionary effects.  The huge amounts of smoke and carbon are certainly polluting.  So, is it worth it?

Truthfully, I’m not sure.  There are costs.  but I am also too much of a wannabe pyromaniac and a boy to say no.  Fireworks look fun.  I think it has potential.  It’s just misused all of the time.



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