What I’m Watching: Firefly Pt. 2

In Part Two, I’m going to go into more detail about the conversational nature of the show.

Philosophical roots:  As I mentioned earlier, this show’s roots contain large traces of philosophical and moral statements.  First off ,the show creates a large amount of tension between Mal Reynolds, and Book, who is the Pastor of the show.  Now, Book is presented in a fairly realistic light so far, but we do see a nice-sized portion of conflict between these two, as they disagree over a simple concept as God and faith.  This conflict was purposefully put there ,and I believe is a great starter for conversation about both faith in general, and how those who disagree can handle it.

Also, Whedon chose to put a legal prostitute in the story, who is called a “companion”.  This character does this as a living.  However, Mal often calls her a “whore”, which shows his strong dislike for her profession.  So, we often see the upside and downside of this culture of casual sexual relations, and how it is insufficient.

I can’t forget to name off any number of occurances worth considering, including River Tam’s condition, the overbearing presence of the Alliance, and even Reynolds personal struggle with getting paid, while not harming others.  Many of the episodes contain elements that can be discussed right after watching, while it also helps for many if you’ve seen the whole show, and understand the narrative as a whole.


In conclusion, this show is a great investment, and I hope you have the oppurtunity to check it out.



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